Clothing and Outerwear

Here at Skiers Edge our clothes, outerwear and thermals are of the up-most quality. We want to bring our customers the newest technology, fabrics, styles, and comfort-ability to the ski hill. With many different brands to choose from we have everything that is needed to enjoy a day on the mountain skiing or snowboarding. 

Jackets, Pants & Outerwear

We have a variety of in-stock jackets that will fit the needs of many different customers. From everyday jackets to more sophisticated jackets with every feature anyone could ask for. Jackets that have 2-way or 4-way stretch fabrics (4-way stretch fabrics have an unbelievable feel), waterproofing, insulated or non-insulated, and sealed seams are just a few examples of features that are available to you when buying a jacket. If you are unable to find a jacket in the store that you like, we will gladly order something for you to fit your needs.

Pants are very similar in the features available; stretch, waterproofing, etc. We carry a full line of mens and womens pants.



When it comes to a day in the outdoors layering is important, especially in MONTANA!! That is why Skiers Edge carries some of the best known layering clothing. Moisture wicking, breathable, but warm layers are key to enjoying a day at the mountain. From compression fit to the looser fits we have what you will need or can help you decide what will work best for you.



Skiers Edge carries Euro Socks and Fox River socks. We have found that these sock brands have been designed with the skier/snowboarder in mind and will help to keep your feet warm and not bunch in the boot. Skiing and snowboarding in a thick sock can promote sweating and make your feet colder.  Skiers Edge has kids and adult sizes available. Remember, a lot of warmth will also depend on genetics.




With all of the jackets, outerwear and thermals on the shelves, we fortunately still have room for some clothes that will keep you fashionable while hanging out in the lodge.  Sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts are available in many options. Spyder sweaters to keep you in style, a Showdown t-shirt to have for your lazy days at home, or a hoodie for those spring ski days, Skiers Edge has many options to fit your needs.

Gloves & Mittens

Skiers Edge carries a wide range of gloves and mittens to keep your hands warm. They come in a range of prices and styles. All gloves and mittens are waterproof and will vary from fabric to leather depending on the style. We have tried many of these styles and believe that they are the better gloves on the market but remember that genetics have a lot to do with warmth.



Come in and take a look.




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  • I am in need of Head ski gloves. These gloves are very hard to find, I have only come across ones made in China. Please advise!

  • admin

    We carry Swany and Gordini gloves and mittens. The only Scott brand gloves we carry are glove liners and spring gloves.

  • admin

    We have a few things on sale now but the year end sale will start the beginning of March. Give us a call and we will let you know if it has started yet.

  • Endreah

    I am looking for men’s, women’s, and girl’s Scott brand gloves and gore-tex. Men’s needs to be 5 finger gloves, and the girl’s and women’s need to be a mitten type. Any such thing there?

  • Scott Crowe

    When does your year end sale start happening? I came down last year but I can remember the date
    Another Crazy Canuck

  • admin

    Hi. We do not have that jacket in stock but if you would like to come into the store we can see if we are able to order it from Spyder for you. Thanks

  • Haley

    I am looking for the Spyder Bitsy Charm girl’s jacket in diva pink in a size 3T. Do you have it? Thanks.

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